For long or short rides, you’ll find the Trailmaster Australian Saddle the ideal choice. The unique suspended seat offers unsurpassed rider comfort, combined with close contact extended fleece panels ensures total rider satisfaction! A great crossover Australian saddle or half-breed saddle offering the combined benefits of an Aussie and Western all-in one saddle. Ideal for horses or mules with wide flat backs. The Trailmaster has an wide gullet. The leather is a premium leather. This saddle features a 17"seat and turned stirrups to relieve the knees, giving you a more comfortable ride. It can easily be transferred between stores upon request. Shipping is also available for an additional cost.

Size: 17"
Color: Brown
Tree: Wide
Condition: Excellent
Type/Purpose: Kimberley Trailmaster
Brand: Down Under Saddle Supply


SKU: 1-0019015