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How To Care For Cowboy Boots, Cowboy Boot Care, Tack Talk with Paul

Paul's quick Tack Talk tip of the month. Let's talk about how to take care of your cowboy boots today. Paul shows you how to take care of all leather cowboy boots and work boots. From regular leather boots to snake skin cowboy boots, ostrich skin cowboy boots to distressed leather cowboy boots! Are you ready? Watch!

3 Way Saddle Riggings & Enduro Balance Riggings.

Paul's quick Tack Talk tip of the week with Darrell Nephew the VP of Sales for Circle Y, ReinSman and Tucker saddles. We get asked a lot about 3-Way Riggings, Enduro Ballanced Riggings so we invited Darrell to walk us through the proper way to set up saddle riggings. Are you ready? Watch!


Off Billets, Tie Straps, and Half Breeds - Tack Talk with Paul

Everything you need to know about Off Billets, Tie Straps, and Half Breeds! This is Tack Talk with Paul! Are you ready? Watch!


Best Saddle Cinches - Tack Talk with Paul

People always have a lot of questions about cinches so in this episode, we're going to show you how to choose the best cinch for you and your horse. Are you ready? Watch!


Hobble Straps For Saddles - Tack Talk with Paul

In this episode we're talking about Hobble Straps for Saddles, I get a lot of questions such as, "I usually take the hobble strap off, why should I leave them on?". So I'll share a few tips with you and show you the proper way to attach hobble straps! Watch now for more details!


Best Horse Fly Repellents - Tack Talk with Paul

When the heat hits the flies, mosquitoes, and gnats come out! Today we're talking about everything fly repellents! We use these products so we know how they work. So follow along with Paul!


All About Horse Reins - Tack Talk with Paul

In this episode we're talking about horse reins. I get a lot of questions asked, "What's a good rein why do I need such a long rein". I'll show you a few tips. And if you ride, you might have ridden on somebody else's horse that has soft, wonderful reins, and you wonder how can I get a pair of them? We will tell you! So today we're talking about leather horse reigns. Join us!


How to Fit a Horse Riding Helmet

A good fitting riding helmet is a must, no matter if you are a competitive rider or a casual rider. You need a helmet specifically manufactured for horseback riding. It has to fit snugly around your entire head, plus protect your forehead without blocking your vision. In this video we show you how to measure your head for a riding helmet, and what to look for when trying on various styles of riding helmets. We'll show you how a riding helmet should fit plus we'll keep you comfortable AND safe!


How To Clean A Saddle Pad - Wool Saddle Pads

Here's another handy tip! A lot of people ask me, "How do I clean my felt pad?" So in this video we'll show you exactly how to do it! All of the tips and tricks you need to know! If you have more questions, stop in and see us at The Western Experience!


How To Clean A Saddle

Paul gives great insight on how to clean your leather saddle. Plus tips on tack and how to inspect your saddle. And we answer your questions.