Billy designed this saddle from the tree up for heavy duty work. Wrapped in rawhide for strength, durability, and weather protection. The strong 7/8 position flat plate rigging is a great compromise between on-tree and in-skirt rigging - giving you the close contact you need for precise cues without sacrificing strength and durability.

A solid post horn with wrap is more than enough for any kind of roping, on top of a 9"" wade style swell ideal for free leg movement and all day comfort.

A 4"" cantle brings up the rear, trimmed with a rawhide pencil roll binding and more of Billy's basket stamping. This saddle comes standard with a rope strand cinch, roper stirrups, and brass hardware.

With signature Billy Cook logos on the fenders, cantle, and skirt everyone will know you're riding in the real thing! Plain and simple, this is a well built work-horse that looks and rides like a custom saddle. At this price point, you're getting more than what you pay for!

This ranch saddle features a 16"" seat, wade tree and comes with a matching rear cinch and mohair cinch. It can easily be transferred between stores upon request. Shipping is also available for an additional cost.

Size: 16"
Light Oil
Billy Cook

SKU: 1-0018939