The Stealth Trail by Saddlesmith has been 12 years in the making, it combines classic function with revolutionary technology. The Stealth Trail blends the best of the four classic saddle designs; Cavalry, English, Australian, and Western. This close contact saddle features innovative shock-absorbing bars that provide cushion and eliminate pressure from the horses back- particulary the area of the flank and withers. The saddle features a Ralide® Flex-Tree, 3" Pleasure horn, 4" cantle, Modified Cavalry style rigging with Stainless dees and fleece linned chafe guards, and 2" Rawhide bell stirrups.

This saddle is in great condition featuring a 17" seat and full quarter horse bars. It can easily be transferred between stores upon request. Shipping is also available for an additional cost.

Size: 17"
Color: Brown
Tree: Full Quarter Horse Bars
Condition: Great
Type/Purpose: Stealth/Trail
Brand: Saddlesmith

SKU: 1-0018927