This Double J Hi-Tech Roper has never been roped off of is an excellent deal you don't want to miss!

The Double J “Hi-Tech Saddle” is designed to allow both the rider and the horse to perform better. The tree is designed to fit today's heavier built roping horse, and features a unique set of bars that allow for full contact along the horse's back, thus allowing weight to be distributed evenly over the horses back. They also patented an adjustable stirrup leather hanger, which enables each rider to re-position the fender of the saddle until you reach the optimum balance point for your particular build, and roping style. These improvements, along with the unique 3 Way Rigging (traditional Double Dee Rig available), allows the weight of both saddle and rider to be distributed evenly along the horse's back. The stainless horn enables more rubber to be placed in a smaller area, and features a unique lip at the back of the horn which keeps the rubber down and dallies don't slip off as bad. There is also a unique lining in the skirts which provides additional comfort for the horse's back (sort of like an insole for your horse's back).

This saddle features a 16" seat and extra wide tree width and comes with front cinch. It can easily be transferred between stores upon request. Shipping is also available for an additional cost.

Size: 16"
Color: Medium Oil & Blue
Tree: Extra Wide (8" gullet)
Condition: Excellent
Type/Purpose: Hi-Tech/Roper
Brand: Double J

SKU: 1-0018889