The Montreal Trooper from Tucker is the finest field saddle made and will keep you and your horse comfortable mile after mile. Tucker Trail Saddles have long been recognized as number one in quality products for field trial riders. Many of the country’s leading owners, handlers, and judges ride a Tucker Trooper. Made with a unique frame that allows you to adjust the seat suspension for the most comfortable ride possible. The Gel-Cush seating is perfect for long days, a cushion that acts like a gel, so it won't pop, freeze, or break down over time. Thin fenders are designed to allow you a full range of motion when you need it most.

It features a 19" seat and medium bars and can easily be transferred between stores upon request. Shipping is also available for an additional cost.

Size: 19"
Color: Brown
Tree: Medium
Condition: Good
Type/Purpose: Montreal Trooper/Endurance
Brand: Tucker

SKU: 1-0018933