The Synergist Endurance Saddle is rigged with a double billet system that pulls more from the center of the seat rather than straight down as in traditional Western saddle rigging. Western style rigging puts a lot of pressure in the front of the saddle, right behind the horse’s shoulder blades. This makes it hard for the horse or mule to move freely in the shoulder area. The double billet system on our custom endurance saddles also lies flat under the rider’s leg to eliminate chafing and irritation. This saddle features a 15.5" seat, wide tree bars and comes with a black/brown fleece pad.

It can easily be transferred between stores upon request. Shipping is also available for an additional cost.

Size: 15.5"
Color: Black
Tree: Wide
Condition: Excellent
Type/Purpose: Endurance
Brand: Synergist


SKU: 1-0018845