the "gambler" is a classic headwear shape (just ask any hat enthusiast), and one with a very rustic american aesthetic. the eddy bros gambler boasts a narrow 3 1/8" upturned brim, a 3 1/2" gambler crown, and a gorgeous black leather band with large silver conchos. the lure of the frontier in the days of the early west was enough to make any man from the east a natural gambler. now, the soft and malleable gambler western hat from eddy brothers presents a bit of flash to your guise this season. suddenly you're slick bat masterson walking into a dusty saloon in dodge city, looking for one last bet, with your silver studs blazing and the fine felt construction of your gambler guaranteeing you are one cool and comfortable customer.

  • category eddy bros®
  • fabric felt, wool
  • style gambler
  • shape western
  • brim 3 1/8 inches
  • color black
  • sizes s, m, l, xl
  • SKU: 1-0005752|L|BLACK